Cherokee Bingo



Welcome to my little corner of the web where I hope the materials I have created are helpful to you in your quest to learn the Cherokee language.

At this point in time, there are only the two bingo sets. Animals I and Animals II. Enjoy!

There are 4 parts you need to download (see attachments on the Bingo Games page):
  • The Syllabary  and Pronunciation Guide.
  • The Instructions - Basic instructions on how to play.
  • The Call List - This is the call sheet. Squares to cut out and shake up in a box or hat.
  • The Player Sheets - These are the actual sheets to hand out to players.
If you like this and would like to see additional releases in the future, your donations of .999 silver bars and rounds, sage, “Indian” tobacco, etc. would go a long way as an effective incentive. Those who donate are more than welcome to copy everything verbatim and share.

Here is my wish list link:

For those curious, I am  Brotherton and  Cherokee with just a touch of European thrown in for good seasoning.

No, I am not a fluent speaker. One of my motivations in the creation of this and other language learning tools, is my disappointment in the quality and effectiveness of available learning materials.


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